Los Angeles Gets a Bath

Los Angeles gets on average 15 inches of rainfall a year, which is roughly 35 days out of the year. And on those rare 35 days, the rain is comparable to a bird bath at best. Taking full advantage of my new place smack dab in the middle of downtown LA, I grabbed my rain coat, tripod, camera, and headed down to the streets… Because today sir, we have rain!

LA on fire

Enjoy the sights from the rooftop of my new loft in downtown LA. Those aren’t clouds, that’s the San Fernando Valley getting smothered by ash. There’s a downside to having perfect non-rainy weather every day in SoCal, and you’re looking at it. The terrain gets so dry, a simple spark can set off a raging 1,000+ acre fire. Luckily the wind is playing in my favor and my lungs get to breath the natural pollutated air of LA instead of thick burnt ash.

I has a blog

One more falls prey to the phenomenon called blogging in 2008. After constantly checking my friends blogs I decided to hop on the bandwagon. Who cares??? Only time will tell! At least it’s a way for me to reminisce about the past.

Currently I live in Long Beach, CA (formally from South Carolina) and work with Source Interlink Media… more specifically the Art Director for Import Tuner Magazine. I’ve shamefully been slacking on personal photography since I got the job, so hopefully having this blog will rekindle that fire!

So, here goes nothin… Dear Diary