Instagram is the new Blog

My blog is now a time capsule. From 2005, to a wavering heart beat in 2021… it has met it’s endgame: Instagram. After blogging for over 15yrs, the once wild frontier of the internet has turned into a more streamlined highway of content. I’ve been struggling with this transition because of those last few words in the previous sentence. I’m more of a country backroads kinda guy. There is something beautiful about a vast sandbox of diverse websites across the world, however, the ability to navigate that world was cumbersome. This may not age well, but for now I believe Instagram is a great platform to showcase photography quickly and efficiently… especially when practically everybody has a computer in their pocket now. Back when I was an Art Director scouring the Frontier-Before-Facebook, Instagram would have been a DREAM. As unromantic as it may sound, one is able to quickly see the style and personality of a photographer with just a few swipes. Instagram is impossible to ignore as a photographer, and at the end of the day it’s a constantly evolving minimal elegant solution for sharing photography that has been around since 2010… which is basically a century in internet years.