WMB 3D Issue #2, Further Designed

A first handshake can sometimes be awkward.. Too limp, too strong, missing completely, or bumping a fist to an open handshake? But the second time around, BAM! you got it right on the money. That’s how I feel about the second issue of WMB 3D. Not to downplay the 1st issue, the success was more than we could have expected. But personally I knew that the initial magazine was a foundation and wanted to build upon that foundation with less attention to continuity, and more attention to branching out… not to mention the learning curve of designing in 3D was beginning to flatten.

Urban Racer Formula D Official Fan Guide

Shortly after finishing up a shoot in the Malibu canyons I get a call from Jackie Ling, Director of Urban Racer. He wanted me to throw together this year’s Official Formula Drift fan guide. Heck ya! I love drifting, and my previous experience working within the magazine industry made me an obvious fit. The deadline was super tight, but after a hurricane of emails, pdfs, and corrections, this spot-uv’d, sleek looking fan guide was approved and ready in less than 5 days.

New logo = new biz cards

I was 2 seconds away from buying new business cards a few weeks ago, but I thought my old logo looked a little dated. I wanted something more simple and professional. You know, something sophisticated, like me! So I came up with this little circle logo, chopped up to look like “CD”. Matte black finish, spot-UV coating on both sides, and a white “signature box” to jot down misc notes. I think they came out pretty cool 🙂 If you’re lucky enough, maybe you’ll get one of my highly exclusive signed 1 of 500 business cards.

$3.99 magazine organizers at IKEA

…do a good job of holding the blood, sweat, tears, and red-eye nights of the magazines I have worked on. A few are missing but it’s good to finally have them all lined up. S3, Import Tuner, Turbo, Sport Compact Car, Honda Tuning, Lowrider, 2Wheel Tuner, siphon, Car Audio. Over 2 years and counting… signed copies go for $1,000 shipped.