Turbo Magazine: Twisted Sixx

I’m in LOVE with this old ’71 Datsun 240Z. College kid Austin Hoke from NC built this beauty from the ground up, cutting no corners. I squeaked it into a feature of the June ’07 issue of Turbo Magazine. It’s turned into one of my favorite motion shots… so much that I framed it on my bedroom wall to stare at it everyday. It’s a reminder that I’ll probably never BUILD a badass car like that, only buy.

Modified Magazine: Acura TSX

Another oldie. I shot this back in 2006 during my college freelance days and was featured in the July ’07 Modified issue… now, Modified is ironically owned by the very company I work for. Desmond Performance who built the car were super nice. I felt this was a breakthrough shoot for me. It was the first time I combined flash exposures to get the best image. I’ve learned a lot since then!

Import Tuner: Supra Cover

Old news to me, but considering my blog is new, I feel I should touch base on a few of my highlights from the past few months. One of them being cover for Import Tuner Magazine, October 2008 to be exact. Working for the magazine I sort of took this accomplishment for granted, but just because I’m the Art Director for the magazine doesn’t give me a shoe-in for the cover… However so far I’m 1 for 1 haha.

I has a blog

One more falls prey to the phenomenon called blogging in 2008. After constantly checking my friends blogs I decided to hop on the bandwagon. Who cares??? Only time will tell! At least it’s a way for me to reminisce about the past.

Currently I live in Long Beach, CA (formally from South Carolina) and work with Source Interlink Media… more specifically the Art Director for Import Tuner Magazine. I’ve shamefully been slacking on personal photography since I got the job, so hopefully having this blog will rekindle that fire!

So, here goes nothin… Dear Diary