WMB 3D Issue #2, Further Designed

A first handshake can sometimes be awkward.. Too limp, too strong, missing completely, or bumping a fist to an open handshake? But the second time around, BAM! you got it right on the money. That’s how I feel about the second issue of WMB 3D. Not to downplay the 1st issue, the success was more than we could have expected. But personally I knew that the initial magazine was a foundation and wanted to build upon that foundation with less attention to continuity, and more attention to branching out… not to mention the learning curve of designing in 3D was beginning to flatten.

Mo Sabri – The Overnight Classic

Introducing the talented Mo Sabri, an up and coming hip hop artist from my alumni East Tennessee State University. But don’t let the small residing town of Johnson City, TN fool you. Mo has big dreams, with the ambition, raw talent, and of course songs to back it up. I admit I have to be picky when choosing photoshoots, and after listening I cleared my schedule to work with him. Mo takes his inspiration from Eminem, Blink-182, Kanye West, Blue Scholars and U2, but he’s not a copy-cat. I too take inspiration from other artists, and use it to fuel my future work. This post is about the photoshoot, I’m not a music critic, I just know what I like!