Featured: Excellence Magazine 935

Through a series of fortunate events, I have now climbed to a position of contributing to Excellence magazine, the most widely read independent Porsche magazine in the world. Very excited to say the least. There’s something that makes me tingle when I see my pictures printed in a nice magazine in a well designed layout (thanks John). Let’s also not forget Paul Krasusky who provided the words, very entertaining read… I suddenly have the urge to wear a fancy pinstrip suit with Piloti shoes and Cartier sunglasses.

My Scott CR1 Elite

Welcome to my obsession. I’ve been cycling off and on for close to 4yrs, and this year I’ve started taking the sport a little more seriously… which means I need a more serious bike! I wanted a bike that was a good all-around trainer and racer, that weighed as much as a feather. After browsing around the many bike shops in Greenville, SC, I found this Scott CR1 Elite at Ride On Bicycles. Light, agile, comfortable (haha), sexxxy! Since then I’ve dropped the stem, picked up a SRAM RED black crank, and fitted 50mm Boyd carbon clincher wheels. At least I’ll look fast.