LAUNCH! Numero 2
Photoshop nerd talk

My head hurts

… but damn I’m proud. I became the Art Director for Import Tuner a little over a year ago. Before working for the mag I thought “how do they make such beautiful covers?”, now I’m behind the wheel makin’ it happen (pats self on back). I’ll move to patting to preaching, because I think the Import Tuner covers are the best, most eye-appealing car covers on the newsstand. Many thanks to the photographers that help piece them together. Jon Domingo, Jeff Creech, Luke Munnell, Scott Dukes, and Steve Demmitt to name a few.

Most of the time we’re scrambling to piece together a badass car, model, and background a few days before deadline. Combining 3 separate things together and making it work can be challenging, especially when time is short. Luckily Import Tuner rakes in some quality photographers, making the job that much easier… oh yea, adding all the words (aka, blurbs) is a whole other animal to tame. Great times though! I’ve learned so much.

Import Tuner 10 Year Anniversary
The 10th anniversary issue. Easily the most jam-packed and time consuming issue of IT ever to be published.

Covers I’ve designed, in no particular order.

A little BTS of the photoshop file showing how the car, model, and background are pieced together.

My humble cluttered desk at the Anaheim office where it all happens.