Road trip mixed with Base Jumping

Last weekend I spontaneously drove across the Mojave desert with Bogart the foster dog to visit my Aunt and Uncle in Phoenix. Nothing too extraordinary. Growing up in the South where trees and grass dominate the landscape like love letters to Justin Bieber’s mailbox, it still fascinates me to drive through the desert. I usually drive at night to avoid the notorious LA traffic. But this time I drove there and back during daylight, with my camera and a 50mm lens.

Meet Bogart, my foster dog

Introducing Bogart, the foster dog. I’ve signed up for a foster program through to save dogs from euthanasia. Bogart is my first foster dog. He’s super gentle, rarely barks, loves to play with other dogs, chases anything you throw, and is overall a very good doggie. I think he’s half beagle, half corgi. Hopefully he gets a loving home, but not too soon! 🙂