Panorama Magazine: Old Flame 914

It’s a little hard to follow my previous act (now at a staggering 935 likes, THANKS!!!), but alas the show must go on! This month I’m proud to have my work featured in another issue of Panorama Magazine, the official magazine of the Porsche Club of America. I’ll go off on a small tangent and gush about how bold and gorgeous the cover is. Of all the magazines I’ve been published, this cover may take the cake for most daring. No words, small subject, and a blue title atop a blue image are all big risks. If magazines had balls, this automotive issue would have 3..pairs. Panorama is able to push the limits a little more since they aren’t in direct competition with newsstand magazines, which is why I love working with them so much.

Paved Magazine: George Hincapie Gran Fondo

Riding my bike around my town of Greenville I can’t help but hear the name George Hincapie twice on any given day. He is one of the most well known and friendliest figures in cycling; most notable for competing in a record 17 Tours de France, and having the craziest legs in any peloton. So when Hincapie announced an 80-mile Gran Fondo in the mountains of upstate South Carolina, with HUGE cycling names such as Tour de France winner Cadel Evans, Tejay van Garderen, Ted King, Christian Vande Velde, and Dave Zabriskie… I had to get involved. This is the type of event that if I wasn’t behind the camera, I’d be throwing a leg over my Scott CR1.

Dario Franchitti and his Porsche 911 hot rod

Blankly staring at my flickering monitor, eating a PB&J sandwich, while listening to my favorite creative music (Ellie Goulding, Daft Punk, Kid Cudi, Lupe Fiasco), I simply can’t think of a witty fun way to begin this blog article. And it’s driving me crazy! Why is this happening?!? I got plenty of sleep last night, and it’s even raining outside so I’m not (that) tempted to ride my bike. Is it because this article is about Dario Franchitti, one of the most decorated racecar drivers in history?.. A truly humbling genuine man that is so accomplished, yet so modest and friendly, that it’s hard to evoke in words?.. Yea I think it has something to do with it.

Excellence Cover Shoot: Porsche Turbo RSR

This Champion Motorsports Porsche Turbo RSR is going to be hard to beat for the title of best car that I’ve shot. It is arguably the fastest all-around AND most beautifully crafted street-legal car in the world. Beauty is subjective, but being the fastest is objective… and I can attest to the fact that this car is FAST! I like to call myself a speed freak, but even I had to check my manly regions to see if they were still there after a few hot laps in the passenger seat. Riding shotgun with Jared Cullop in a 600hp car that goes 0-60 in 2.6 seconds and corners like it has velcro for tires is a life-changing experience. It’s not all about the power; the suspension, aerodynamics, transmission, and power must all work in unison… and the team at Champion pieced this car together so well Captain Planet would be jealous.

Vellano Wheels shoot

Talk about a challenge. Dreamworks Motorsports had built 8 cars, all with beautiful Vellano wheels on each of them. My task was to shoot all 8 in the tiny town of Roxboro, NC in ~24hrs, all at different locations… For a town where the Golden Corral has the highest Yelp review, I had to really stretch my location-finding skills! Good thing owner Adam Wolfe at Dreamworks makes clean beautiful cars, so half of the job was complete. Once all was said and done I was very happy with the results..

GMP Performance BMW M3 & X6

Next out of my camera is a super fresh and clean BMW M3 (E92) and X6 tuned by the guys at GMP Performance from Charlotte, NC. We got up in the wee hours of the morning to capture a nice rig shot smack in the middle of downtown Charlotte for the M3 (or uptown, as the locals call it). The 5am wake-up call was worth it, especially to see the looks we got from taking up 2 lanes of traffic with a long pole attached to a beautiful car… at 3mph… in the middle of downtown. From there we moved a few blocks down to take some static shots. I used a few new techniques on this set, enjoy!

Featured: Advanced Photoshop #98

Whenever Advanced Photoshop magazine comes knocking on my email box, I never hesitate to adhere to their requests. Even though the mag costs $15 USD an issue, I regard it as one of the best cutting edge Photoshop resources out there. This time I was requested to submit a tutorial on matching lighting throughout a composited image. After digging through my past work, I decided my image of Roxie in the desert was a good fit. The final image contains 6 individual elements combined together to make a unified composition. Click to read the .pdf of the feature here.

Mastering Compositing… Tutorials by MEEEE!!

Introducing the fruits of much labor: the Mastering Compositing tutorial DVDs that meticulously go from start to finish on 5 of my very own images. With help from the HIGHLY decorated world-recognized photographer Nick Saglimbeni, we pieced these tutorials together over months of hard work and many revisions. CLICK TO SEE THE FULL DETAILS

Featured: Excellence Magazine – 924 GTR

Not too often I get a legend in front of my camera. I’ve had the pleasure of shooting Rahsaan Bahati (The most accomplished black cyclist), Coach Dean Jones (Personal baseball coach and local hero), and Derrick Rose (NBA MVP). This time I got to shoot a legend made of metal, glass, rubber, mixed with a lot of blood sweat and tears.

Low On Cards… To Change, or stay the same?

My box of 500 Taste of Ink business cards are nearing an end! They lasted me over 3 years! So now I’m forced to decide if I should update my business cards or leave them exactly the same… These have worked so well for me, but part of me feels hollow inside for not taking the opportunity to do something different! Help!