Volvo C30: Same tunnel, same old tricks

Photographing cars was the reason I got my first camera. I’ve always been a big car guy, but you wouldn’t be able to tell by my current ride; a Scion xB. Maturing sucks. My brief 10 year driving history includes having my name under an 87 300ZX, 96 300ZX, 94 RX-7, 99 Subaru 2.5 RS, and now…. the box. Unfortunately a fire-spitting RX-7 can’t haul all of my photography gear.

52 MPH…

…on 2 wheels, without an engine, and on a flat surface. Unless you consider your legs an engine, then Ashley Knights Jr. is the Pagani Zonda of the bike world. Normally a person would hop in a car to go the National speed limit of 55, Ashley just does it with a 15lb carbon fiber bike and 2 (very) powerful tattoo-clad legs.