Derrick Rose – 2011 NBA MVP

Last year I got the call to shoot Derrick Rose for Power Balance, and since it’s the start of the new 2012 NBA season I thought I’d show off a few images. Needless to say before Derrick was named the youngest ever NBA MVP, he had achieved a long list of accolades and I had to hold back my child-like enthusiasm for having Rose in front of my camera.

From neat to street

Time to break in my new AlienBee lights (1 ABR800, 2x AB1600), and trusty PocketWizard transmitters. I feel like I’m just picking up the camera and shooting cars 5 years ago, and feel that inspiration and drive once again. So now it’s shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot. Not all of my shots will be exactly what I want, but eventually I’ll get closer to that goal.