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Import Tuner cover build-up video

Hello YouTubes!
Hearing my voice is freakin’ disturbing… Do I really sound like this? I’ll blame it on my room acoustics.

My buddy Jeff Creech, the cover car photographer for this issue, proposed for me to do a step-by-step guide on how the Import Tuner covers are pieced together. The idea had been itching the back of my brain for a while so this felt like the perfect opportunity. I’ve done a lot of covers in my 5 year span of being an Art Director, so why not go an extra step.

Since the Import Tuner covers literally take 4-5 days to complete because of back and forth company approvals and basically lots-o-work, screenshots were taken over the time period and pieced together later instead of doing a time-lapse video. It’s a lot to cover in just 7 minutes.

…and yes I know I accidentally said “if you have any questions, hit me up, i’ll try to ASK any and all that I can” at the end, sigh lol.

At the time of this blog post, this issue is on newsstands.

  • dtang

    Damn you for making this ish look so easy! lol

  • Hey Clint, you kind of flew threw the hair part with the fake rim lighting. I couldn’t wrap my mind around what you did. Can you give a little more detailed explanation? Thanks, great tutorial. I always enjoy seeing different workflows.

  • I purposely flew through the tutorial. Be on the lookout for something much much much bigger, with better talking! 🙂

  • KenB

    Hey Clint, I understand that you are currently the art director for Import Tuner magazine at the time. I didn’t know who else to ask, about my question. I’m looking for all of the Import Tuner issues that had just the cars on the cover; (No model) on the cover. I have a few issues without the model’s on the cover’s; however I was wondering if I’m missing any in between.

  • Hey KenB, I’m going to go ahead and say you’ll be hard-pressed to get your hands on the non-girl back issues. For one, the non-girl covers are very rare. They were made for EVERY issue, and sold in specific areas that requested non-girl covers. I believe Auto Zone and/or Advanced Auto carry the non-girl covers among others. Literally the cover is the only difference between the 2 versions. To be honest, when I worked for IT, we had all of the back-issues in-house, and not a single one of them were non-girl issues. But best of luck!