Import Tuner cover build-up video

World of Whirlcraft

Another shoot at my new pad in downtown LA (freakin love this place!). This time with Lyz. Short and sweet is her name, and her personality is just the same. Believe it or not she’s an avid World of Warcraft gamer! I can hardly get my sister to play Halo 3, let alone coax a model into playing one of the most addictive life-ruining, insomnia-inducing game in existence! You can never tell a book by it’s cover… well, sometimes, but definitely not in Lyz’s case.

For this shoot we collaborated for a jumping shot. Once the shoot was confirmed, I ran down to Big 5 to buy a trampoline… and how sick would it be to hit the rooftop button on the elevator and have the shoot on top of LA? Yea that’s what I thought too. Obviously these are highly photoshopped for the end look.

We tried a couple of outfits, the white “dress” worked best for the composition. I used 2 gridded Alien Bee 1600s flanking the model, and the Alien Bee ringflash for front fill… next on my ever-growing gear list are a couple of softboxes. It’s easier to see why the pros need assistants!

  • Super nice pics Clint…very creative.

  • ben

    i really like the use of ringflash!

  • So sick. But I used smoke first. :p

  • Nicely done and I like your location for beauty of it but would it not have been easier to do this shot in a studio far easier to separate her from the background…

    Love the end results is it a stock background or one of your own shots.

  • Dope stuff Clint.

  • Dude… top quality work here. That’s some epic masking there. Loving the high key flavor.

  • I love these clint!

  • Thanks Theis. I would use a studio if I had one 😛
    Maybe I need to move to a bigger loft…

  • #1 wins. #2, not so much.

  • Killing it Clint! This is amazing stuff.