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Aiming at the Sun: Venice Beach, CA

Featured: Advanced Photoshop magazine

I had to pinch myself till I bled. Is Adam Smith, Senior Staff Writer for Advanced Photoshop magazine emailing me for a feature in their magazine?!? I instantly google’d his name and email address to verify if this was real, and sure enough it was! Let me try to put this in perspective… This is THE magazine I genuinely gladly pay $15 to take home and read. Oversized pages, spot-uv covers, high quality paper stock.. so nice I’ve never thrown away a single issue. Dare I say the only magazine I buy? (American publishers can learn a thing or two from Imagine Publishing.)

I literally screamed when I saw my picture as the lead-in image for the feature. The feature is simply titled “Photoshop for Photographers”. Myself and 3 other photographers (Jaroslav Stehlik, Jim Lind, and James Quantz Jr)are interviewed for their insight on how Photoshop helps our workflow. Very humbling to be paired up with such great photographers. One line inparticular in the feature caught my eye when I was mentioned in the same sentence as Dave Hill and Jim Fiscus, truly 2 of my main sources of inspiration over my history behind the camera. Maybe now they’ll let me have brunch with them 😀

Dual page lead-in image to the feature, I owe Adam Smith a drink!

Original image from my portfolio.

Pullquote by yours truly, plus the Fast & Furious 3-car rig shot.

Original image from my portfolio

PRO TIP! haha.

If you’ve never picked up a copy of Advanced Photoshop, do yourself a favor and at least flip through it. Chances are you’ll take it home. I have for years, and now I’m featured in the very pages I read!

  • That’s awesome Clint! SO PROUD!!!!!!!

  • :bowdown: Awesome Clint. Gonna have to head to B&N to pick up a copy!

  • That’s awesome Clint congrats! Andy from our circulation department always drops this mag off to me when he’s done with his analysis. Quite an honor to be in there, you should be proud.

  • I don’t remember if you saw my office when you stayed here… but I have a shelf FULL of this mag. By far my favorite design publication.

    I’M JEALOUS! And hella proud of you dude.
    This is SO AWESOME!!!


  • Great stuff man… keep up the good work

  • Congrats. Big fan of your stuff, saw you on FM forums and checked out your site. Good to know that pros get excited about giant PS magazine spreads of themselves! I do gotta say though, you’re giving guys like Dave Hill a run for their money with your lighting and PS skills.

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