Road trip mixed with Base Jumping
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Mooooooooooo cards

Introducing the cards that need little introduction. During their relatively short presence in the design industry, Moo Cards have gained massive popularity through the creative field. The idea is that instead of having 1 business card duplicated 500-1000 times like usual, Moo Cards can be up to 50 different designs within 1 order. 50!! The coating is a professional matte finish, and the card stock is thicker than the walls of the Russian US Embassy. Not to mention the price is right. Now the hard part is picking my favorite card… hmmmmmmm

  • Those look SICK! Awesome way to showcase different photos.

  • Thanks Mr. Sappppppp!

  • Oooo look at that DOF in the second shot! You should be a fine art photographer. No, wait, it would have to be monochrome and totally out of focus to be fine art (not to mention blurred from way-too-low shutter speed, in other words, just a total mess to be fine art).

    What you said about choosing your favorite card- that’s the only reason why I haven’t pulled the trigger on getting these- I don’t want to have to shuffle through all of them to find the “right” one to give to a certain client. Mmmoooooo!!

  • OMG don’t even get me started on the definition of “Fine Art”… SO many… yea, nevermind, don’t get me started lol. Did I mention I’m a high fashion model? lol. Make the jump! get your Moo on!

  • Harvey Crosby

    What’s the point? You give each person all 50? If not, how do they know any different?

  • @Harvey, look a few blog posts up and see how I used them.

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