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Aiming at the Sun: Venice Beach, CA

For Luke Munnell’s birthday we randomly took a trip to Venice Beach, CA to see all the crazies. Even though the winds were gusting up to what felt like a Cat 4 hurricane sandblasting a layer of skin off our top layer, there were TONS of people walking the strip. Drum circles, men walking in nothing but silver briefs, crack heads, men dressed up as women, women dressed up as men, and marijuana doctors filled the strip… so naturally I tended to aim more UP at the sun, birds and unpopulated beach. If you enjoy people watching, this is ground zero for you!

Crazies as far as the eye can see. Check out the plume of sand and wind-swept trees.

People watching at it’s best.

Birthday boy!

Modified Magazine editor Peter Tarach tagging along.

Hundreds of seagulls fighting the wind. Took a little coercing to fly, so I ran into them 😀

Being careful not to get pooped on.

Luke getting brave with the poop monsters.

Last shot before the sun went down. I would of joined in but damn I forgot my hoola hoop. Next time.