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Down to Earth – Olly Howe

Introducing Olly Howe. Easily one of the best designers I have ever come across. And not to stroke my ego too much, but that is a huge compliment. So you can imagine my thoughts when Olly emailed me asking to collaborate with one of my latest photoshoots. Very very very very humbling.

I have never given any of my high-resolution photoshop files to anybody… ever. But I didn’t hesitate a second when Olly wanted to do his magic to one of my Great Recession composites. The end result blew my mind. The attention to detail is just absolutely STAGGERING. Take a look for yourself.

And a rundown of some of my favorite work displayed on his website:

Reason #14 why I’m a huge fan of Olly is he’s been featured in Advanced Photoshop magazine AND Computer Arts. My top 2 magazines for design/photoshop… well worth the $15 price tags. I’m looking forward to working on future projects with Olly, and if you want a photoshoot taken in LA, and further edited by Olly… well you know our contact info 😉