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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4×4 Retouching

To supplement the campaign I shot for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Canada, I was also called upon to piece together images for the newer unreleased 4×4 model… Welcome to the treasure trove of before/after Photoshop work. I found a handy-dandy plugin to easily compare before/after, which was present in a few of my previous blog posts, but this time I went a little overboard. Do you mind???? I didn’t think so.

The reason I was able to go overboard for this retouching demonstration, is because this assignment was crafted exclusively behind-the-computer. Little to no camera work from my end here. It’s no secret that Photoshop is a big tool in the advertising/automotive world, and tweaking images to give a vehicle the most impact has been used for decades. In this case, a new 4×4 (badass) version of the Sprinter was being released, however the actual 4×4 model wasn’t available for photography. Considering *small* differences like wheels, badging, and ride height were the key differences compared to the 2WD model, retouching was an efficient route for this assignment.

Obviously the progression of the before/after images did not go as fast and smoothly as illustrated in the 7-10 steps… rather, days are devoted to trial & error to see what flows, and (most importantly) if the client likes the results. Considering some before/after images are too complicated to display using only 2 images, I pieced together some 7-10 step animations showing the process.

It’s definitely worth noting that I did not take pictures for the first 5 images… they were sourced from previous Sprinter creative supplied from Mercedes. However, the 6th image I did take from my previous 2014 campaign shoot.







Once all was neat & complete, the images were plopped into their usual spots such as the 2015 brochure, website, apps, and all other creative outlets.

2015 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter brochure + creatives

Just as I finish typing this, another Mercedes retouching assignment has been dropped on my desk. Many more nights basking in the glow of my monitors to come!

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  • The Angry Millennial

    The master of making a bunch of little things come together in one awesome final product! Great work as always, Clint.