WMB 3D Issue #2, Further Designed

Low On Cards… To Change, or stay the same?

My box of 500 Taste of Ink business cards are nearing an end! They lasted me over 3 years! So now I’m forced to decide if I should update my business cards or leave them exactly the same… These have worked so well for me, but part of me feels hollow inside for not taking the opportunity to do something different! Help!

Clint Davis business cards

Clint Davis business cards

Clint Davis business cards

UPDATED: First mock, a die-cut pixel motif similar to my portfolio website. Thoughts?

Clint Davis business cards

  • Hmm. I like what you’ve got here, but I’m also never against rethinking things. You should put together a few alternates and post them all together. Then we can decide 🙂

  • Nice! Can I copy it?! 😉

  • I vote for new ones. As Albert Einstein once said, “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” (I just googled quotes about change and that one seemed nice) but for real—change is usually fun.

  • I like these, but you’ve been looking at the same card for three years so why not freshen up. You’re not re-branding yourself or dropping an entirely new logo 😀

    I also like Eric’s idea!

  • LOL thanks James. The inner voice got the best of me and I’m designing new cards. Not TOO different from what I have, more of an evolution. Thanks for the support everyone!!

  • Long

    vote To Change. They are unique and look very clean.

  • I like the new ones! I might drop the logo on the back if I were you (it seems a little crowded with your three titles) but other then that they look pretty awesome.

  • I love these! They look awesome, and I think they’re a nice refresher.