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WMB 3D Issue #2, Further Designed

A first handshake can sometimes be awkward.. Too limp, too strong, missing completely, or bumping a fist to an open handshake? But the second time around, BAM! you got it right on the money. That’s how I feel about the second issue of WMB 3D. Not to downplay the 1st issue, the success was more than we could have expected. But personally I knew that the initial magazine was a foundation and wanted to build upon that foundation with less attention to continuity, and more attention to branching out… not to mention the learning curve of designing in 3D was beginning to flatten.

So alas the second issue further expands what we as a team want to see in WMB 3D. More interaction, more variety, more stories, more more more! All of this gibberish to me means more designing. We jumped from 8 features in the first issue to 15. And instead of featuring primarily beautiful women, the second issue has everything from motorized bicycles to the legendary Marvel Comics co-creator Stan Lee. Just take a glimpse for yourself:

WMB Issue #2 - Gabrielle Union
Gabrielle Union graces our second cover of WMB 3D. (2D version displayed)

WMB Issue #2 - Beefed up Table of Contents **View with red/cyan 3D glasses**
Beefed up Table of Contents, and a much longer list of team members.

WMB Issue #2 - The Legend, Stan Lee **View with red/cyan 3D glasses**
The Legend: Stan Lee. It was an absolute joy to design this feature.

WMB Issue #2 - Gabrielle Union **View with red/cyan 3D glasses**
Introduction spread to Gabrielle Union’s feature. Simple, graceful.

WMB Issue #2 - Chris D'elia **View with red/cyan 3D glasses**
Funny guy Chris D’elia hamming it up for the camera. This is a good example of how much more words were added to the second issue.

WMB Issue #2 - Kenya **View with red/cyan 3D glasses**
Nick took his 3D camera to Kenya… yep, Kenya. Yep, 3D camera. You gotta see this.

WMB Issue #2 - deVices: Gift Guide **View with red/cyan 3D glasses**
Even more variety. Dyson fans, Louis Vuitton shoes, Pioneer speakers, to name a few.

WMB Issue #2 - Fashion: Warehouse Wonderland **View with red/cyan 3D glasses**
And arguably one of the best photoshoots in the existence of photoshoots… this issue’s Fashion feature. Nick Saglimbeni tore the roof off with this one. The pictures in 2D are stunning, but in 3D?!? It’s unbelievable.

This is just a small taste of what the magazine offers. Once you finally put the 3D glasses on (c’mon, they’re cheap! Maybe $2 at a party store.) and view the magazine in digital or print form, you WILL be taken to a whole new world… Above all we’re a group of artists putting our heart into something we love, and hope the public enjoys as well.