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WINNER! Photoshop Retouching Contest with Douglas Sonders

I have a short list of photographers I bookmark and follow. One of them being Douglas Sonders. I can’t help but shake the thought that we’re somehow related. We’re both primarily on-location shooters, both car junkies, both raised on the East Coast, we both run with our dogs, and now, finally, we got to collab.

Douglas posted a contest on his blog, and I thought I would give it a try. It seemed like a good excuse to have fun with a professional photo… and the sci-fi buff like myself couldn’t turn down a robot theme. The winner gets a handy Think Tank Photo memory card holder, and get to work with Douglas in the future on an upcoming project (ok ok, that might be the real reason I entered).

photoshop retouching contest clint davis douglas sonders

Some images used in retouching contest

photoshop retouching contest clint davis douglas sonders

During the build-up I took a shot with my iPhone. This one showing how I added the “Launch Area” sign to the building. Designed in Illustrator, then transformed/grunged in Photoshop. At first I thought about saying “NO HUMANS!”, but the concept slowly turned into something more playful.

photoshop retouching contest think tank photo memory card

And of course the winnings. A Think Tank Photo memory card holder. It’ll go nicely with my other quality Think Tank gear. Thanks Douglas for making me even more aware that I need to stock up on more memory cards. Looking forward to working together again!.. Did I mention our business cards kind of look alike too??