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52 MPH...

Ace Jumper

During an impromptu trip to Phoenix, AZ (read previous blog posting) Matt and I decided to do a quick photoshoot of an idea I had floating in my brain. In my circle of close friends, Matt is the one we all live vicariously through when it comes to thrill-seeking. When I first met Matt I mainly knew that he liked to drive (very) fast on mountain roads. Then he got a sport bike… then a bigger sport bike… then he started playing with rattlesnakes, then he started sky diving, then he started learning how to fly a helicopter… and now what seems to be the creme of extreme, he started base jumping. I forget the number, but he’s well over 800 base jumps and aiming to clip 1000 by the end of the year. He’s the kid on the playground that would swing as high as he could and then jump out.

Matt steps up to the ledge, checks the wind then…. “3, 2, 1 See ya!”
Now 1,000 feet of air separates him from solid ground.

Matt Frohlich Base Jumper

Matt Frohlich Base Jumper

Matt Frohlich Base Jumper

After a few exhilarating seconds of free fall, the chute comes out and delicately glides to the desert floor… then drive back home to down some breakfast burritos, catch a 2hr power nap, and finally back to the normal boring life of flying helicopters.

  • Cool concept! Looks like it turned out nicely.

  • Amazing Clint. Inspiring as always!