Team Bahati photoshoot

52 MPH…

…on 2 wheels, without an engine, and on a flat surface. Unless you consider your legs an engine, then Ashley Knights Jr. is the Pagani Zonda of the bike world. Normally a person would hop in a car to go the National speed limit of 55, Ashley just does it with a 15lb carbon fiber bike and 2 (very) powerful tattoo-clad legs.

Ashley Knights Jr.

Ashley had just reached Cat 1, now aiming to ride internationally in the next year, and what better way to get extra attention than eye-opening pictures? Personally as a road bike enthusiast I was all about the shoot. Cyclists are some of the nicest people I know, and make a very fun and challenging shoot. So, after a meet-up time of 3am in downtown LA, we were off.

Ashley Knights Jr.

Ashley Knights Jr.

After the tunnel, we had a short breakfast to wait for the sun to come up, then headed to the river for some downtown LA backdrop shots:

Ashley Knights Jr.

Ashley Knights Jr.

Ashley Knights Jr.

Ashley Knights Jr.

Ashley Knights Jr.
Fortunately at 4am on a weekday, the tunnel had very little traffic. My assistant Lauren doing a FINE job of adding sweat to Ashley 😀

I think Ashley kinda looks like Michael Shumacher… which is pretty fitting. With a call-time of 3am to 7am, I promptly went straight home after this shot and slept till the sun went down. Oh and thank you for the chocolate chip cookies Briana!

  • That first shot is KILLER!

  • wicked good stuff dude.

  • Awesome job Clint :bowdown:

  • WOW! Fantastic stuff! What was your setup on the motion shot behind him looking at his legs? (Picture #3)?

  • claudio

    awesome work, i like very much, i’m courious too: what was your post on the motion shot behind him looking at his legs? picture 3… do you shoot the background and after the rider or do you have cut out him, motion blurred the back, blurring him too for movement..

  • as a roadie myself (only cat 3) and tattoo collector (strangley I am covered in the same areas these are super cool!

  • @Michael & @claudio, I clamped the camera to the bike with a metal arm, and did a slow shutter exposure with a super wide 14mm lens. Glad you like!

  • Awesome work, loving the rim light setup…which I am, of course, gonna steal as soon as I make an order with alienbees… Thanks for sharing!

  • Kenbo

    awesome shoot, looks great! reminds me that i need a bike!

  • what kind of strobes are you using in that behind the scenes tunnel shot?

  • The cyclist? I was using my trusty AlienBees. I have a behind the scenes pic a little further down my blog.