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Formula Drift: Atlanta

With my new found freedom of working freelance, I spontaneously bought AirTran plane tickets at 2am to go to the Formula D: Atlanta event. No hotel necessary, my old friends at S3 Magazine and new friends at Keep Drifting Fun provided a couch (and floor) to sleep on.

BIG thanks to UrbanRacer for getting me media access. Shamefully I spent most of my time having a few brews in the paddock area, but hell I was mainly here to have fun. On to the pics:

I have this foot thing I’m working on… trust me it’ll be cool. But this shows where I was shooting for most of these pics.

One of my favorite shots; 2009 Champion Chris Forsberg leading 2004 and 2006 Champion Samuel Hübinette around the horseshoe.

Forsberg ripping around the horseshoe again.

Ryan Tuerck blowing smoke in my face. Thanks

Ross Petty smokin’ around the horseshoe. One of my favorite cars of the crowd.

Vaughn Gittin Jr. showboating for the crowd. The sound of this mustang’s V8 almost makes me want to buy one… almost.

Dai Yoshiahra against Chris Forsberg in the semi-finals.

Close-up of how beat-up these cars can get over 2 brutal days of drifting.

The big weiner; Dai Yoshihara. A crowd favorite.

Formula D has been around for nearly a decade, and the sport of drifting much longer. It’s one of the few motorsports where I see absolutely everyone associated with the sport having fun. Any attitudes that flare up over an unethical bump or crash is dissipated as quickly as the smoke just made. Drifting was founded on having fun, and when the sun goes down and cars are trailored away it will still be based on fun. Long live drifting. 🙂