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Car And Driver Feature: McLaren 650S + WAZE

If you’re familiar with my previous Bachman Ferrari Collection feature, you know that I don’t get to see many exotic cars where I live in South Carolina. So when Car And Driver asked if I could sit shotgun in a bright orange McLaren 650S blasting across the Florida everglades, I fried a few brain fuses.

$352,000, 641hp, 0-60 in 2.8 seconds, 1/4 mile in 10.5 seconds, 207mph top speed… this thing is *tad* faster than my daily GTI. Even though this thing is ungodly fast, our mission was to drive from Miami to Naples, FL via the Alligator Alley as fast as possible with the only the aid of Waze. What is Waze you ask? It’s a real-time traffic and navigation app where drivers share road info. Basically, it’s a community of people sharing where road hazards and (cough) police (cough) are located.

But, we don’t live in a Mad Max world, so averaging the don’t-get-thrown-in-jail 99mph speed while heavily checking Waze was a great compromise. I’m SURE Florida’s finest wouldn’t mind an exotic McLaren from Surrey, England in impound, but Ezra Dyer (the driver/writer) wouldn’t give them the satisfaction. Speaking of Ezra, read the full article here. His words never fail to entertain.

Car And Driver Feature: Catch Me If You Can

Florida's finest getting an eyefull before we embark towards Naples.

The fruits of living in hurricane-prone Florida

McLaren 650S sitting pretty next to the Florida Everglades

McLaren 650S ceramic carbon brakes

Car And Driver Feature: Catch Me If You Can


Waze = Very effective

Car And Driver Feature: Catch Me If You Can

Tolls, what a buzz kill

Flashing $2 out the window of a $352,000 McLaren

The office chair

Beauty sunset shot on Alligator Alley

Beauty sunset shot on Alligator Alley

Car And Driver Feature: Catch Me If You Can

Sun down, lights up

Back to Miami

Downtown Miami, FL

Reluctantly dropping off the McLaren after a quick and successful run across Alligator Alley.... twice

THANKS to my buddy William Stern for assisting (aka, driving the support Mercedes GL63 AMG). Your beard is glorious, and your tequila is delicious.