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Trail Blazing with Rudy Napolitano

If you know me decently, you should know I’m a road bike enthusiast. So it was about time that I did a serious shoot with a local professional biker. Rudy Napolitano of Team Helen’s was my first victim. He suggested a local Malibu road for the shoot, and it was amazing to say the least. Remote, twisty, breath-taking views, and 1-way traffic. Perfect. The original pics came out great, but you know me, I had to take them over the top with some photoshop love. This is my take on road bike photography:

The head-on image was shot only with a reflector. The other two required more heavy lighting with AlienBees and a few hours of Photoshop. Hopefully more cycling projects come my way! I was jealous I wasn’t the one on the bike during the shoot 🙁