Mo Sabri - The Overnight Classic

M.O.E. Space Jams

Flashy cars, even flashier chains, Michael Jordan Space Jams, and the lifestyle of Money Ova Everything. Maybe one day I’ll be rollin’ in an S-Class Benz or Range Rover on 30’s, but till then I’m fine snapping pictures of my future possessions… Well maybe I can deal without the flashy chains lol. For this shoot I was contacted to do a car scene, group shot, and club scenes of M.O.E. from Compton. This was my time to go all out on urban gritty compositions.

Grady Nguyen helped me with some setup shots. All of the non-club scenes were shot near the LA River, and composited later. I think I heard someone call me Mega Man while lugging around the ring flash. I’ll take that as a compliment.

BIG thanks to Steve Demmitt for lending me his Canon 5DmkII, Scott Dukes for the extra gear, and Lauren, Grady and Patrick for assisting… Since then I’ve purchased my very own 5DmkII… For obvious reasons, look at those close-ups. And they aren’t even 100% crops!!!