Ripping up Los Angeles Streets

Clinton Thompson’s everyday outfit usually consists of a bright pastel polo with plaid shorts and sandals. Easily one of the nicest guys I know. And oddly enough we’re the same height, weight, and he moved from South Carolina (Greenville) to LA just like me! Yes we knew each other before moving to LA. Small world.

This shoot was my first model photoshoot that felt real… As in… fully charged my equipment, scout locations, thought of a direction for the shoot, and had great help from my assistant Lauren and photo buddy John Batte. For the shoot I primarily used an Alien Bees ABR800 for main light, and a Canon 580ex for fill light. The goal for the shoot was to turn a real world nice guy into a gritty bad guy. Enough babbling, here are some untouched images:

The location had a power plant in the background, wicked power lines, and a pile of pavement rubble… All a few miles from downtown Long Beach, CA. The sun was just right to get a beautiful graduated sky. Cali never disappoints with pleasant weather and even more pleasant sunsets.

OK so even though I loved the location, and the sun was just right, I was still sticking to my original art direction of compositing him into a badass city background. Again the main goal of the shoot was to turn Clinton from a J. Crew model into a gritty character:

Look familiar?

Some dust added, with downtown LA in the background.

This shot is a compilation of about 8 different photos. No streets were harmed in the making of this image. Take a look below for some of the main images used.

All in a nights work… well maybe less if my computer had more RAM! I must say the most challenging part was distressing the pavement where his feet and hands once were.

All smiles after the shoot is done! See I wasn’t lying about us being the same height/weight!… though he could probably beat me in arm wrestling.